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Individual Coaching

Individual coaching takes place over a 3-6 month period. The coach and the client partner to co-create a wellness vision of the client’s ideal health based on the client’s current health, desired health and personal values. The client then chooses 1-2 measurable goals that they would like to meet by the end of the series. The coach and the client meet weekly or bi-weekly to work towards those goals by implementing targeted action steps.

Initial Session (60-90 minutes):   $150

Follow-up Sessions (45 minutes): $125

6 Session Series (1 Initial + 5 Follow-ups): $675


Group Coaching

Group coaching is similar to individual coaching but allows clients with likeminded goals to learn from each other and support one another. Group members with a shared focus can provide valuable resources and group accountability. Group coaching series generally take place over 6-10 sessions. 

Fees vary depending on number of participants and duration of coaching series

Health Resources

Education-only sessions are available to provide resources on various health and wellness topics. These sessions can be individual or geared towards groups in a variety of settings.

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